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How To Balance Nutrition And Efficiency For Lunch?

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According to nutrition experts, more than 70% of white-collar workers who eat out are accustomed to eating in tea restaurants and fast food restaurants. They eat more high-fat foods such as ribs, sirloin and chicken wings. These foods contain high saturated fat and pose a great threat to heart health.

White-collar workers who work hard in the workplace usually have only one hour to eat and rest at noon. Fast food and boxed meals have become their main choices, and these foods often bring certain health risks. Excessive fat intake, insufficient vitamin and dietary fiber intake are common phenomena, and it seems difficult to avoid getting fat. How to balance nutrition and efficiency for lunch?

For friends who are not out of shape, the Competit sports nutritionist suggests to master several principles: eat only regular meals, as long as 8 minutes full, only choose less oil and less sugar, if you want to eat snacks, you must "taste"; It’s gone, so don’t be discouraged. A low-calorie diet and regular exercise can help restore a normal figure. You must be careful when choosing food. Here are a few principles for reference.

Eat more water-rich foods:

More water in vegetables and fruits can also increase satiety, reduce food intake, and timely supplement a variety of vitamins.

Avoid heavy-tasting foods:

Many seasonings are often added to heavy-tasting foods. These seasonings are also caloric, and they will also induce your appetite to open up, unconsciously eat more, and then unconsciously grow meat. The truth is understood, it may not be so easy to control one's mouth.

Choose foods with low fat and sugar content:

For example, you can choose skimmed or low-fat milk for milk; choose sugar-free beverages for beverages; eat less fried foods, cakes, etc. Choose more fiber-rich foods:

Foods such as brown rice and whole wheat can not only increase satiety, but also promote gastrointestinal motility and reduce heat absorption. You can also eat some dietary fiber supplements, or drink low-calorie beverages rich in dietary fiber, such as Competit "Sports Beauty".