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Spaghetti with Beef Tomato Enchilada

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Ingredients list

Ingredients : pasta  (Right amount)          beef (Right amount)

Accessories:     tomato (3 pcs)       onion (Right amount)          garlic(Right amount)

seasoning: Oil (Right amount)           Hot sauce(Right amount)           ketchup(Right amount)

Cooking wine(Right amount)           soy sauce(Right amount)

pepper(Right amount)           water(Right amount)           Salt(Right amount)


How to make pasta with beef tomato hot sauce:

1.  The tomatoes and onions are set aside.

2.  The beef is soaked in bleeding water.

3. Peel and chop tomatoes for later use.

4. Cut the beef into minced meat and put it in a bowl.

5.  The onion and garlic are replaced with a knife and served on the plate.

6.  Add appropriate amount of boiled water to the ground beef, rinse the bleeding water to control the moisture.

7.  Preheat the Maxim non-stick pan into the oil to heat up, add onions and garlic and saute.

8.  Add minced beef and stir fry, pour in cooking wine to remove fishy.

9.  Add tomatoes, soy sauce, hot sauce, ketchup, and pepper and stir fry evenly.

10.  Add appropriate amount of water and simmer until the beef is cooked through.

11.  The pasta is cooked and mixed with oil for later use.


12.  After the minced beef is cooked, collect the juice and season with salt.

13.  Pour the pasta into a bowl and pour the beef tomato sauce.

15.  Stir well and enjoy.