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Pan-fried short ribs with mushroom sauce

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Ingredients list

Short ribs  ( Right amount )       mushroom  ( Right amount )   
broccoli     ( Right amount )

Mushroom juice :   mushroom( Right amount )     cream  ( Right amount )      Mirin  ( A small amount )   

                       Black pepper and salt  ( Right amount )       Broth  ( Right amount )     garlic   ( Right amount )

seasoningBlack pepper and salt  ( Right amount )       Chopped parsley  ( Right amount )

How to cook beef short ribs with mushroom sauce

1. Flaky steak ribs and mushrooms.

2. Take out 5 large mushrooms, wash them well, slice half and half into cubes.

3. Add diced mushrooms to a small half bowl of broth and bring to a boil.

4. When the mushrooms become soft, add three cloves of garlic.

5. Use a hand blender to break up the mushrooms and garlic.

6. Add 100ml whipped cream, add a little mirin and black pepper and salt to taste. Just boil to thicken.

7. Sprinkle some chopped parsley with the cooked mushroom juice, if you don't have it, you can leave it alone. Fry the remaining half of the sliced ​​mushrooms and fry them until they change color. If they are too ripe, the water will become smaller, lose their umami taste and become crumpled. The broccoli is blanched and cut off, and the greenish side vegetables are more beautiful

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