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Drink electrolyte water after exercise

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In sports arenas, we often see athletes drink Electrolyte water to replenish their physical strength;

If I want to have a five-kilometer run in the park, I will meet some people drinking electrolyte water for rehydration;

Of course, sports parties and iron parties holding electrolyte water in the gym are also everywhere, almost everybody has a bottle.

Why do they drink electrolyte water after exercise?

The Sports Nutrition Engineering Research Center of Beijing Colleges and Universities conducted an experiment with a certain brand of electrolyte water VS water in August 2021. The results of the experiment found that:

1. Replenishing electrolyte water can effectively reduce the amount of urine discharged during long-term sitting, and effectively retain the intake of water. Electrolyte water can also effectively relieve thirst.

2. Replenishing electrolyte water before exercise can provide the body with extra Na+, effectively retain the intake of water, reduce the degree of dehydration after exercise, and at the same time help maintain the body's electrolyte balance during exercise. Keep the individual in a better mood and exercise state.

It seems that the relationship between electrolyte water and exercise is very close.

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