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Basketball dribble

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Dribbling is a basic skill that must be mastered in basketball. Basic movements such as dribbling breakthrough, changing direction, and turning around are all based on dribbling. The quality of dribbling directly affects the efficiency of offense. Only by mastering these basic skills can you learn more difficult basketball skills and movements. As the saying goes, "A journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step." How to train dribbling to improve the technique of dribbling? Here are a few effective and commonly used ones. Training method!

1.The first thing you need to train is how your hands feel about the ball, which is also called ball feel. Only by understanding the elastic weight of the ball can the ball be controlled properly. Practice passing the ball between your hands. Put your hands on your chest and use your fingers to pass the ball back and forth. Don't underestimate this simple movement. This is the easiest and quickest way to develop the initial feel of the ball.

2.When there is a certain feel, the next step is to actually practice dribbling. In situ dribbling practice, the body does a step forward movement, centered on the waist and the upper body is slightly forward, and then dribble with one hand, alternate hands for training, pay attention to the whole process Don't look down at the ball, because in the game you must always observe the opponent's movements to find opportunities. A bow will only give the opponent a chance to create a smash, so pay attention to this in training.

3.The next dribbling exercise is to swing the ball. Spread your feet slightly wider than your shoulders, bend over, and alternate left and right hands to dribble the ball from side to side, just like a pendulum clock. At the beginning of this training, you can slow down to practice, and slowly increase the speed and reduce the height of the dribble when you become proficient in the ball. Doing this well will help you to dribble quickly in the future.

4.The next step is back dribbling practice. It may be very difficult at first. As long as you do the above basic exercises and master certain basic skills, doing back dribbling practice is completely natural. Spread your feet out slightly wider than your shoulders and place your hands behind your back to do alternate dribbling exercises. This exercise should pay attention to slow down the speed of the dribble at the beginning and find the most suitable dribble height

5.The practice of dribbling around figure  8  is also spreading feet slightly wider than shoulders and lowering the center of gravity. First, start dribbling with the right hand as an example, dribble the ball under the crotch of the right hand, bounce the ball to the left behind the back, and then catch the ball with the left hand at the back and then carry it. Go to the front and do the same crotch dribble, the ball bounces to the right behind the back, and then the right hand catches the ball and repeats this action.

In the above dribbling practice, remember not to look down at the ball, this will form a bad habit, which will not help the growth of dribbling skills!
No matter what kind of dribbling practice it is important to persevere, giving up halfway will only accomplish nothing. I hope the above experience can help everyone!

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