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After you exercise, what are your thoughts that you didn’t know before exercise?

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1. There is no negative calorie food, as long as it is food, it has calories. The world's lowest calorie thing is water.
2. Drinking fruit juice is not the same as eating fruit. A cup of fruit juice requires a lot of fruit to be squeezed out. There is a lot of fructose and the fiber is filtered. Drinking too much can only make you fat.
3. Foods such as sugar-free diet biscuits may not be able to lose weight. They are still high in carbohydrate.
4. "Sugar-free" does not mean that there is no sugar. Pre-packaged food can claim to be sugar-free if the added sugar is less than 0.5g per 100g or 100ml.
5. Zero-fat foods are not necessarily low in calories. Usually, sugar may be added to optimize the taste, thereby increasing calories.
6. Sugar substitute drinks are not necessarily healthy. Although they don't have calories, they will still make you addicted to drinking and can't get rid of sugar addiction.
7. Vegetable crisps are not healthy food. In order to make them taste good, they add a lot of oil, salt, etc., so the calories are much higher than natural vegetables, but the nutritional value is very low.
8. Enzymes are enzymes, and the human body has a lot of them. Drinking enzymes will not make you thinner and more beautiful for digestion.
9. Sugar-free biscuits are not necessarily sugar-free. The merchant may say "no sucrose added", but it may add maltose, honey, fructose syrup, etc.
10. Collagen such as trotters will not make you beautiful. Collagen is a macromolecular protein. Like other proteins such as eggs, it is finally digested into amino acids. Eating too much can only make you fat. 11. There are many types of yogurt. In national standards, yogurt, fermented milk, flavored yogurt, and flavored fermented milk all belong to yogurt.
12. Not all yogurt is suitable for weight loss. Some flavored yogurt or flavored fermented milk has higher added sugar than some carbonated drinks.
13. The only yogurt that is really useful for weight loss is milk and probiotics.
14. Zero-fat milk is not necessarily low in calories. Merchants may add a lot of sugar to optimize the taste, so the carbohydrate and calories are high.
15. The real yogurt needs to be stored in the refrigerator, and the yogurt stored at room temperature is not yogurt.
16. The whole wheat bread you eat may be fake. If the top 3 on the ingredient list are oil, sugar, or wheat flour, they are all fake whole-wheat breads.
17. If you want to buy real whole-wheat bread, you must first look at the ingredient list. The first is whole-wheat flour (no word is bad), and the addition amount is not less than 50%, less oil and sugar, and it is considered as qualified whole wheat. bread. 18. The calories of whole wheat bread and white bread are not much different, or even higher, but it is rich in dietary fiber, and the feeling of fullness will be stronger. This is the benefit of whole wheat bread.
19. Oatmeal is not necessarily healthy, especially oatmeal with a lot of sugar and flavored nuts and dried fruit, which has higher calories than steamed rice under the same quality. The healthiest oatmeal is the original oatmeal without any additives.
20. At present, soy milk, coconut milk and almond milk are commonly known as plant milk, but they are more inclined to soy milk. In addition, in order to achieve a thick milk-like texture, merchants may add additives such as carrageenan.

21. The effect of lactic acid bacteria drinks on promoting digestion is limited. Many of them are high-sugar and high-carbon water drinks. If you want to digest well, eat more natural fruits and vegetables, save effort and money without growing meat.
22. Salad may have higher calories than burgers. If your salad contains a lot of fatty salad dressing, cheese, carbon water, dried fruit, etc., this salad will only make you fatter the more you eat.
23. Crisp, flavor, crisp, and willow. If a "healthy food" carries these 4 words, it must be unhealthy, such as peach crisp, yellow peach flavored yogurt, crispy vegetables and fruits, and fish fillet.
24. Candied fruits may be low in calories, but often have high sodium content, so they are not healthy snacks.
25. Real healthy foods are rarely advertised. On the contrary, many foods that claim to be healthy, no additives, and beneficial to a certain person are probably fake healthy foods that are advertised.
26. Microwave heating will not produce carcinogens. The main medium of Weibo heating is water. The principle of heating is to generate molecular oscillations on the water in the food, thereby generating heat. It does not change the chemical chain, nor does it decay elements into isotopes.
27. The microwave oven does produce radiation, but the radiation produced by the microwave oven is non-ionizing radiation, which is a kind of electromagnetic wave, which is between radio waves and infrared rays, and is harmless to the human body.
28. The leftovers do not need to be cooled before putting them in the refrigerator. Minimize the cooling time of food to reduce bacterial growth.
29. The effect of red dates to replenish blood is not good. Each 100g of fresh jujube contains only 1mg of iron, and dry jujube only contains 2mg. Moreover, the iron in red jujube is of plant origin, and the absorption effect is not good. Common liver, red meat, animal blood, etc. are all foods with high iron content and absorption and utilization rate.
30. Small tomatoes are not genetically modified products. They are the "original" tomatoes. The larger tomatoes that are usually eaten are derived from human intervention.
31. Spinach is not high in iron, only 2.9 mg per 100 grams. The iron in spinach belongs to non-hemoglobin iron, which is much lower than the hemoglobin iron in red meat.
32. Spinach can be eaten with tofu. During the cooking process of spinach, the content of oxalic acid will be greatly reduced. And combined with the calcium in tofu, it can prevent a large amount of oxalic acid from entering the blood, and the formed calcium oxalate will also be deposited in the digestive tract and excreted in the feces, and will not cause stones.
33. Tomatoes + crabs ≠ arsenic! Arsenic in crabs is present, but most of them are organic arsenic, and the content of inorganic arsenic is far less than 0.5mg/kg. One or two hundred milligrams of microbiotic c will not produce a large amount of toxic trivalent arsenic through reduction.
34. Although sweet potato is rich in nutrients, it is a starchy vegetable that can be used as a staple food. If you eat too much, you will get fat!
35. The egg yolk can be eaten! The human body has a regulatory mechanism. Once the exogenous intake of cholesterol is too much, the liver will reduce its own synthesis. In the 2015 edition of the Dietary Guidelines for American Residents, the daily dietary cholesterol intake limit of 300 mg was also cancelled.
36. Drinking bone soup only supplements fat but not calcium! Although there is a large amount of calcium in bones, it is mainly in the form of hydroxyapatite crystals, which is insoluble in water. Moreover, bone broth is high in fat, so it is not recommended to drink more. Dairy products, soy products, and seafood are all high-calcium foods. 37. Eating avocado does not lose weight. Avocado is very high in calories, so you can't eat too much, but it is a very good source of fat.
38. It is not recommended to supplement dietary fiber through dietary fiber biscuits. In fact, these biscuits are not high in fiber content, and they are high in fat.
39. Vegetables with gluten do not mean that the dietary fiber content is high.
40. Men drink soy milk without worrying about affecting androgen levels. The plant hormones in soy milk are mainly soy isoflavones, but the content is not high. Normal drinking will not negatively affect men. 41. Coffee is beneficial to a large extent. Only certain populations such as pregnant women and heart disease patients need to avoid caffeine.
42. It is not necessary to pursue skimmed milk. Drinking half a catty to a catty of whole milk every day is completely healthy for most adults with normal weight and blood lipids. People with dyslipidemia, especially cardiovascular and cerebrovascular patients, are advised to drink skimmed milk.
43. Even a small amount of alcohol is harmful to the body. If you must drink alcohol, the amount of alcohol consumed by men should not exceed 25 grams a day, and women should not exceed 15 grams.
44. Sports drinks are not a necessity. Especially for non-exercise or normal-intensity exercise, sports drinks are prone to intake too much sugar and sodium.
45. Energy drinks contain a lot of caffeine, which can really help refresh your mind, but you must pay attention to controlling your caffeine intake.
46. ​​Energy drinks contain a lot of sugar and are not friendly to people who exercise and lose weight.
47. Sports supplements are not drugs, let alone contraband, and have no immediate special effects. It is an element needed by the human body extracted from food, which can help us maintain our body and improve our athletic ability.
48. For people with healthy kidneys, protein powder supplementation will not harm the kidneys. 49. Protein powder can only supplement protein and cannot replace all foods, otherwise it will be malnourished.
50. Creatine does not cause side effects on the kidneys and liver. It is an effective and safe nutritional supplement.
51. Eating too fast is the number one cause of weight gain. Eating too fast will make you very full, but your brain will still make you want to eat enough. When you feel full, you have eaten twice as much meal, and your calorie intake will naturally double.
52, adjust the order of eating can be thin. When eating, follow the order of vegetables→soup→protein→staple food, which can reduce calorie intake by half and maintain a longer-term fullness.
53. Drinking alcohol before going to bed can't help sleep. Drinking alcohol before going to bed can quickly make you sleepy, but it can also make you awake in the middle of the night, the complete rest time of the body is destroyed, the quality of sleep is reduced, and it will also affect the work of the brain the next day.
54. Sweat is not fat tears. Sweating is just a decrease in body water, and weight loss in a short period of time, but it will recover after drinking water. How much you sweat during exercise depends on the amount of water you drink before exercise and your own water content, and what really determines the effect of your fat loss is exercise intensity.
55. There is no partial fat loss. Losing fat is systemic. Exercising a certain part will only exercise the muscles and make the lines better. You won't be thinner.
56. Organic food is not healthier. Regardless of the nutritional value and taste, organic food is no different from ordinary food. It is not worthwhile to eat the same thing at three times the price. If you want a healthier diet, you should stay away from junk food.
57. The fatter people are more likely to be malnourished. Obese people consume too much carbohydrates and fats, and nutritional structure imbalance leads to malnutrition. This is called hidden hunger. In addition to obesity, it will bring you more health problems. In China, 300 million people suffer from such problems.
58. The seemingly light daily food calories are not low. Most of the foods in Japanese food are not low in calories. If you are not careful, you will eat too many calories. If you like eating but are afraid of getting fat, you should reduce sushi, sukiyaki, tempura and other deep-fried foods with high carbon water. Intake.
59. Fruit is not sweet ≠ less sugar. Fruits contain fructose, sucrose, starch, glucose, etc., and different proportions will affect the sweetness. For example, dragon fruit and ginseng fruit contain more starch and have no sweetness but high calories. Partners who want to lose weight must not use fruit as a meal replacement, as the calories are likely to exceed the standard.
60. Women can exercise during their menstrual period. Moderate exercise during the menstrual period can reduce pelvic congestion, relieve dysmenorrhea, and eliminate edema. As long as the pain is not unbearable, brisk walking and yoga are good choices.

61. Fasting exercise is not conducive to fat loss. Without long-term professional training, fasting exercises can cause hypoglycemia, dizziness, and chest tightness. When the body does not supplement enough energy, the training will first consume water and muscles, and the effect will be greatly reduced.
62, greedy ≠ hungry. Hunger is based on the physical, it is the signal given by the body’s lack of energy and needs to eat; gluttony is based on the psychological, it is the craving for the food you want to eat when you are full, usually a large amount of extra calories are taken in. When you want to eat, you must tell if you are really hungry or greedy.
63. Winter is more conducive to fat loss. Many people feel that it is very cold in winter, and exercise without sweating has no effect. In fact, the colder the weather, the easier it is to mobilize the consumption of body fat. The consumption is related to the amount of exercise. As long as the exercise intensity is sufficient, you are not afraid of not losing weight.
64. Sleeping leg cramps are not calcium deficiency. Leg cramps caused by poor blood circulation, continuous muscle contraction caused by insufficient stretching after exercise, excessive sweating, or improper sleeping posture can cause leg cramps. As for calcium deficiency, you have to go to the hospital for diagnosis.
65. Eating less can not make the stomach smaller. The stomach is extremely flexible, with a capacity of 50-2000ml. In the fasting and full state, the size of the stomach can be switched back and forth, but the total volume and size are fixed. When you stay hungry for a long time, your brain will subconsciously think that it is the weight of your fullness, but you are actually not full, but mistakenly think that your stomach is getting smaller.
66. Vegetarian food is not completely healthy. Strictly speaking, a vegetarian diet does not eat any animal food, but many vegetarians are more likely to consume too much carbon water (staple food) or because of cooking methods (fried, oily and salty), they are prone to excessive calories. At this time, vegetarianism is unhealthy. Yes, if you want to lose weight through a vegetarian diet, it is better to plan the nutritional balance of each meal reasonably.
67. Exercise does not necessarily exceed 40 minutes to be effective. Exercise efficiency is related to exercise intensity. Even one hour of low-intensity exercise will not consume much. When your exercise reaches a fat-reducing heart rate, you can burn more calories in 20 minutes, for example: 20 minutes The variable speed running is much more expensive than 1 hour of jogging.
68. It is easier to gain weight by eating hot pot and shabu vegetables. Hot pot soup is heavy with oil and salt. Many people think that vegetables are low in calories. They always cook vegetables when they eat hot pot. In fact, beans and green leafy vegetables will absorb a lot of oil and salt, allowing you to take in more calories. If you are afraid of fat and want to eat hot pot, it is recommended to use more mushrooms, lean meat slices or seafood.
69. Hot yoga will not be more helpful for weight loss. The purpose of hot yoga is to make you sweat more. The airtightness of the house can easily cause chest tightness, dizziness, and severe dehydration. People with poor physical Fitness are not recommended to practice regularly. After all, fat is not consumed by sweating. 70. Grape seed capsules cannot help the skin to resist oxidation. The grape seed extracts on the market are all processed and synthesized, and the ingredients contained in grape seed are only a small part, and not all of them are absorbed by the human body. If you want beauty and anti-oxidation, it is best to eat more natural fruits and vegetables with reasonable exercise and good health. Lifestyle.
71. Drinking tea can't scrape away the body oil. Tea itself does not contain any fat-decomposing substances, but the tea polyphenols, caffeine, theophylline, etc. can stimulate the body to secrete gastric acid, accelerate intestinal peristalsis, and finally achieve the effect of promoting digestion. Accelerating digestion ≠ breaking down fat. It is on the market. The shaved oil tea is also added with additives to make you have the illusion of diarrhea.
72. Native eggs are no more nutritious than ordinary eggs. Because the native eggs are made from free-range chickens, they have a better taste. The difference is that the cholesterol and carbon water are higher, but the nutritional value is the same as that of ordinary eggs.
73. Practicing yoga cannot cure all diseases. Yoga has a certain physiotherapy effect, but it is limited to alleviating pain or improving physical function and resistance. If there are obvious symptoms in the body, you still need to see a doctor.
74. Fat face, fat legs, face-lifting, stovepipe needles are useless. The principle of the face-lifting needle and the stovepipe needle is to inactivate the muscles, not to reduce the fat. The fat reduction should be consumed by exercise instead of wasting money.
75. Drinking water before going to bed will not cause body edema. People with healthy body and normal kidney function will be metabolized by the body when drinking water before going to bed, and will not produce edema. Edema is possible unless you drink a lot of water, and the cause of edema may be due to the heavy taste (excessive sodium intake) that night.
76. Must have breakfast? If you feel hungry when you wake up in the morning, eat breakfast. If you feel less hungry and don't want to eat, then don't eat. From the perspective of a reasonable diet, three meals a day are important, and there is no saying that breakfast is the most important one.
77. Intermittent fasting, which is popular all over the world, should I try? uncertain. Although intermittent fasting has been proven to have multiple health benefits. However, regarding health, there is no perfect solution for everyone. The only way is to try it yourself and find the one that suits you best. 78. Eating before going to bed will make you fat? The time to eat is not the root cause of weight gain. You can eat if the calorie intake is correct! Eat healthy! (Less sugar, low fat, high protein)
79. Can drinking brown sugar water relieve pain? Drinking brown sugar water will not relieve the pain, but will also lead to weight gain. Why do some people find it effective? It may be that the warm brown sugar water makes people feel "warm and comfortable", drinking hot water can also have the same effect!
80. Isn't the big aunt fat eating during the period? Don't be silly! Eating too much surplus calories will be converted into fat and stored. Why do some girls lose their scales after menstruation? It's normal. Body edema, endometrial thickening, weight gain; menstrual bleeding, edema disappear, weight will naturally decrease. 81. Can't drink drinks during the fat loss period? Coffee to help you! In addition to refreshing, caffeine can also increase the metabolic rate by 3-11%, and significantly increase energy consumption and fat consumption during exercise. Commercial coffee contains more fat + sugar, black coffee is recommended.
82. Like to eat "salty and sweet" things? Similar to sugar, salt can be addictive! Sugar addiction and salt addiction also promote each other's influence. The more salt you eat, the more sweet drinks you drink. Try to eat less sweet and salty snacks, maybe you will suddenly find that you are slowly losing weight.
83. Must eat boiled everything to lose weight? NO! A healthy diet is not without seasoning and fat. As long as you choose real foods, match the proportions reasonably, and eat well, your body shape will naturally become better!
84, staying up late, lack of sleep, in addition to becoming ugly, getting fat is also not discussed. So it's okay to wash and go to bed early! Sleeping well is the most cost-effective way to lose weight and become beautiful.
85. Sitting for a long time hurts the whole body. You only need to take a short time every day to move. Make sure not to sit all the time. This can reduce the negative effects of sitting for a long time. Every hour or half an hour, remember to drink water or go to the toilet.
86. Exercising with plastic wrap will not make you lose weight faster, it just makes you sweat more. Sweating a lot does not mean getting thinner and thinner faster!
87. Are you old enough to do strength training? NO! You should do it more when you are old! People who do not exercise will experience a greater reduction in muscle mass after the age of 40. Strength training helps maintain bone health and muscle strength. As long as you use the right movements and the right weight, you don’t have to worry too much about injury.
88. Will girls become King Kong Barbie when they lift iron? Want to be beautiful! Women have innate hormonal "disadvantages" in terms of muscle growth, and they don't need to worry too much about growing muscles. If you want to build strong muscles, you need long-term high-intensity scientific training and a scientific diet (it is difficult for many boys to gain muscle).
89. Shapewear and orthopedic straps can't help you become beautiful! The body being "smashed" back to the correct position by external force does not mean that the weak muscles are exercised. If you want to improve your posture effectively, these "correction artifacts" really can't help you.
90. Exercise at night equals suicide? No matter what time of day you exercise, there will not be much difference in exercise effects. As long as you increase the amount of exercise, it is much better than sitting still every day. Choose a time when you feel comfortable, in good condition, and easier to stick to.
91. Sports injury to the knee? Most of the knee pain does not come from the "exercise" itself, but does not find the correct way to use the knee. Find the deep real problem and start to improve is the right way.
92. Shoulder pain ≠ frozen shoulder! Frozen shoulder only accounts for 10-20% of shoulder pain. More often, the rotator cuff muscles are too weak, injured, painful, and restricted in movement. Should the shoulder pain get better if you leave it still? NO! Find the reason, and active recovery is the right way!
93. The obvious back of the shoulder blades is a nice butterfly back? Don't be silly! The protruding shoulder blades may be winged shoulder blades. Maybe you think it looks good, but the shoulder-thoracic joint muscles are not balanced, which can lead to instability of the shoulder joint, chronic pain may occur, and it is more likely to be injured during exercise.
94. The hunchback with round shoulders can be improved as long as it stretches, raises the head and straightens the chest? no! In the case of poor thoracic spine flexibility, no matter how much you stretch the shoulder and neck, it will only relieve the discomfort of the shoulder and neck, and it will not be able to effectively open the chest and shoulders. Improve the flexibility of the thoracic spine, which can be achieved by rolling a foam roller.
95. Can't squat over toe? In fact, it doesn't matter much. As long as the natural curvature of the spine is maintained and the knee orientation is consistent with the toes, it is safe and effective.
96. Can pat the belly lose weight? can not. In addition to improving constipation, stomach pats may also activate core muscles.
97. Is it enough to lose fat on the stovepipe? mistaken! Even if the legs are thin with bamboo poles, if the inner horoscope and the knees are overstretched, they still have no chance with beautiful legs. Thin legs ≠ beautiful legs, the whole body fat burning + leg force mode correction, in order to create a good-looking leg line.
98. For the vest line, do the plank support for one month every day? Give up as soon as possible! Plank support can enhance core strength, but if you want to build your abdominal muscles with it, it's useless to support it for an hour. The fastest and most effective way to develop abdominal muscles is to lose fat.
99. Stretch ≠ pull ligament! The stretching we often say is actually pulling muscles and fascia, not ligaments! Not a ligament! Not a ligament!
100. Stretching can't stovepipe! Stretching will not change the appearance of the muscles. Stretching does make muscle fibers lengthen, but what gets longer is the maximum length of muscle fibers. For example, in the case of a single horse, the legs can be split even more.


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