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Basic teaching of crotch dribble

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Before the teaching starts, first ask a question, can you be as proficient as the following animation in your body front direction change? If not, it is best to practice the body front direction change proficiently, otherwise the training of the crotch dribble will be proficient. It is very laborious. For the training method of changing direction in front of the body, please refer to my last article about basic teaching of changing direction in front of basketball.

In fact, dribbling under the crotch is just changing the position of the front change direction from the front of the body to the underside of the crotch. This is also the reason why you must practice the change direction of the body before learning to dribble under the crotch. This time the crotch dribble training is divided into two parts. The first part is the basic training of the crotch dribble, which must be skilled, and the second part is the advanced training of the crotch dribble. It is not necessary to master it. It's the best, because if these advanced moves are used on the court, there will be a lot of girls cheering.

Next, is the basic training teaching of crotch dribble. The final standard can be as in the animation diagram, and the time is not specified.

1. Continuous dribble under the crotch. This movement can be said to be the foundation of the basics. It is best to start practicing from low to high. I made two animations, one with a low center of gravity and the other with a high center of gravity. After practicing the low one, then practice the high one. At the beginning, it will be transported to the lap. Don't worry, practice slowly. The proficiency must be as good as that in the picture. The other thing is to practice both hands.

Low center of gravity

High Center of Gravity

2.  After dribbling the ball with one hand, step down the dribble. This action is actually one more one-handed dribble than the first action, mainly for the feel of the hand that catches the dribble under the crotch, and is more targeted. Again, you should practice both hands. Remember You must use great force when you send the ball from the front hand to the back hand, so that you can make faster progress.

3.  Dribble the ball with the right and left hands once each under the crotch "8" dribble the ball, just do it according to the animation, don't be afraid of dropping the ball.

Crotch "8" dribble, the third training is proficient, this is relatively simple, remember, this action must be as fast as possible

5. Dribble under the crotch in place. This movement is more difficult. The main point of the movement is to separate the two feet from the front and back. The two hands are continuously changed under the hips. You can spend more time practicing.

6. Dribble under the hips while traveling. You can practice this after the fifth move is proficient. You can slow down at the beginning, but remember, the strength must be strong, not soft, and finally practice the dribble as fast as possible. .

7. Practice dribbling under the crotch while on the move, just as in the picture. The pile can be replaced by a mineral water bottle.

Hurry up and practice!