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Do you master the five misconceptions of jogging

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Your human body is a shocking device for "Efficiency"

The designed scheme means that if you are doing the same thing over and over again, the whole process can become easier and easier. This also applies to jogging. Not only will you become more and more casual (even if you are still sweating and your feet are shaking), the basic metabolism and reflection of the human body will also be integrated. At this time, the same exercise intensity will consume less and less calories. This is the so-called "Steady State", which prevents you from achieving a long-term weight loss plan. Studies in universities in Tampa abroad have found that a steady aerobic exercise to lose weight is like running on a home treadmill at a fixed rate for 45 minutes, which is beneficial for reducing fat, but it is only reasonable at the beginning. The subject lost a few pounds in the first week and then stopped. Just for this, what's going on? In the first week, their basal metabolism had already been integrated (stable). One of the major problems of jogging with steady, moderate compressive strength is that the ignition of heat is relatively limited. Once the body is integrated, the benefits are more limited. Therefore, in terms of fat loss, net weight training is often felt to be more effective than just jogging. During the net weight training, the whole body muscles must be slightly torn, which will cause damage to the basal metabolism during the whole process of repair. The whole process of healing must be kinetic energy, which means that you need to ignite a lot of heat, and this whole process will generally be close to 2 days after your training. To put it more simply: you ran for 30 minutes at low compressive strength and ignited 200 calories; or you ate less than 200 calories a day. These two are the same thing. The net weight training (or the final sprint) is different from the above. The ignition of heat is not only generated during the development, but also after exercise. Therefore, if you slightly change the original regular exercise method, it will bring about a great change in the human body.
The most important independent variable of any fitness exercise is "compressive strength"

If you look at the speed of ordinary people running, they will choose a step that can run continuously for a long time. Think of a way. If you step into a running machine, a treadmill or a water pump flywheel, you intend to develop on it for a period of time, whether it is 30 minutes or 1 hour, at a rate that you can continue to develop. Time When I arrived, I felt too tired, and then went home. Good physical fitness exercise, but not much assistance for weight loss. Assuming that the speed on a home treadmill is 1~10, now you let yourself carry out a short-term final sprint at a speed of 8 or 9, what will happen? You can lose a lot of body fat. Scientific research conducted by universities in Western Ontario, UK, compares high-resilience fitness exercises and long-term, low-strength aerobic exercises to lose weight. One group carried out 4 to 6 groups of 30-second final sprints, while the other group carried out 30 to one hour aerobic exercise to lose weight. The results are surprising. Compared to the level of aerobic exercise, the final sprint group ignites more than twice as much body fat. This is due to the internal transformation caused by the human body during the final sprint, and this transformation is similar to that during net weight training. Your body must repair ATP (kinetic energy), convert the lactic acid bacteria caused by fitness exercises into fructose, and repair the level of male hormones in the blood. All of this whole process means that the human body needs to "work harder" and "ignite a lot of body fat", and this kind of thing is not easy to produce weight loss in aerobic exercise with steady pace.

Purposeful selection of jogging

If you like speed running and long-distance aerobic exercise, there is a bad news for you to understand. According to the scientific research of muscle tension and physical fitness: "Physical jogging or walking (continuous long-term, lower compressive strength) weakens muscles Tension and whole body muscle development, and more importantly, even if you increase the compressive strength and run on steep slopes, cycling will be a stronger choice for muscle growth and fat breakdown. Again, this is not about jogging. Failure or not all benefits, just discuss the most efficient countermeasures to reduce fat[!--empirenews.page--]

The human body assumes the ability to manipulate male hormones related to weight loss

More practically, if you are exercising, aldosterone is released. Not all aldosterone is not good, but diffuse work pressure and diffuse aldosterone may cause insulin resistance (Insulin Resistance), forcing the body to store abdominal fat. In the publications of scientific research on male hormones, it was discovered that jogging caused a continuous increase in aldosterone. The long-term increase in aldosterone can cause a lot of inflammation, slower repair, muscle fiber dissolution, creation of body fat, and even damage to your immune function. If you are under too much work pressure, whether it is due to long exercises or not taking in proper nutrients to repair, you can damage your thyroid cysts, reduce your basal metabolism, and make your way to fat loss even more difficult. If you are doing aerobic exercise for 1 hour every day, aerobic exercise is sufficient for weight loss. (Remember, this is not endurance training). If you have just started jogging for 2 to 4 hours a day and the rest weight is not subtracted (or the rest weight will be increased), you will have to reduce the frequency of jogging, increase the friction resistance training, and see what happens.