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Five types of yoga and fitness in the water to create a devil's body

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Yoga Asana 1: Half Moon Pose

Stand up, breathe out the left leg and extend the right arm out, breathing the human body to the left and right on the top of the head. Do the same way on the other side. For three seconds

Function: Yoga posture for about half a month reduces unnecessary body fat on the side waist, cleans the wire frame of the feet and arms, and enhances the energy of the feet.

Yoga posture 2: single foot and back extension posture

-Stand up, straighten your back pain, place the key on your left leg, extend your left foot on the ladder, raise your breathing arm to the top of your head, breathe forward and down, use your upper body to stick to your left foot as much as possible. Do the right leg in the same way. Hold for three seconds.

Function: Balance the human body, flex and extend the spine and ankles. Promote digestion and benefit the lower body.

Note: Keep your kneecap straight and keep your back standing.

Yoga pose three: board tree pose

At the beginning, do the basic standing pose, that is, close your feet, palms inward, arms close to the sides of the upper and lower thigh roots, and then lift the right leg heel to the upper area of the groin and thigh root, with the right heel down. Put your left leg firmly on the base of your thigh, stand with your left foot in balance, put your palms together, keep your arms straight, and raise them excessively. Maintain for 30-60 seconds.

Function: Clean up the arm wire frame, prevent the chest from sagging, and enhance the concentration of people.

Key points: support point abdominal cavity, feet.

Note: Maintain the natural inhalation, open your arms back, behind your ears.

Yoga pose 4: Warrior II

The foundation stands up. Take a deep breath. Two feet are equal to the shoulders, arms raised to both sides, parallel to the road surface, left leg straight, right leg 90 degrees to the right, left leg turning 15-30 degrees in the same direction, not more than 30 degrees Bend your right knee until the base of the thigh is parallel to the road surface, and the calf bisects the wooden floor and the base of the thigh vertically. Then stretch your hands to the sides as much as possible, turn your head to the right, stare at the fingers of your left hand, and take a deep breath. Flex and stretch the whole muscles on the back of your left calf as much as possible for 30 seconds. (Continuously)

Function: It can make the thigh muscles become flexible and reduce the praise of the tendons in this area.

Note: all intramuscular contractions.

Yoga pose 5: Stand up the latch pose (side waist pose)

-Put your left foot on the ladder, hold your left leg with your right arm, breathe and raise your right arm on your head, breathe your right arm to push the human body towards the left foot, and place your left hand on your right hand.

Function: Stimulate liver, spleen and blood circulation system, correct poor back shape.

Note: The ribs turn up.