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100 calories burned by Poppy

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Bobby Jump is actually relatively simple for people who exercise regularly, but for people who don’t exercise much, the exercise intensity of Bobby jump is relatively high. It is undeniable that Bobby jump can burn fat in the body. Play a very good effect, can consume a lot of calories. According to the number of poppy jumps, people consume different calories, so how many calories can be burned by 100 poppy jumps?
1. Poppy jump has high intensity and difficulty. The energy consumption per hour is about 600 kilocalories. Some people may say that one hour of running can reach 500 to 700 kcal. The question is, you can run for an hour, can you do poppy jumps for 60 minutes? There is no possibility until the universe is destroyed. So poppy jumps must be done in groups, and the intensity of 100 poppy jumps is indeed quite high. Assuming each set of 10 poppy jumps, one and a half minutes of rest between sets (do you think the interval is longer? You will know if you try), each set of poppy jumps takes 30 seconds, then it takes about 20 to 30 minutes to complete. For people with good physical and cardiorespiratory abilities, the reps of each group can be increased, the interval time can be shortened, and the total time spent can be shortened.

2. It is estimated that 100 poppy jumps will be completed in about half an hour, and the energy consumption of exercise is about 300 kcal. Roughly so, because the actual energy consumption also involves weight and the range of movements (some people may use the simple version, such as just propping up when prone and not protruding and then propping up). It seems that this energy consumption value is not remarkable. However, Poppy jump health care is a difficult and high-intensity sport, and this type of training can produce a good afterburn effect. That is to say, although you have finished exercising, the fat burning effect will still exist for a period of time. Some studies believe that this process can be maintained for approximately 24 hours.

3. Here is an example of doing 100 poppy jumps a day to see how many calories you can consume by doing 100 poppy jumps a day. First of all, we must ensure that everyone has a more rhythm when doing these 100 poppy jumps, and can't give up halfway. It is okay to have a proper rest in the middle, but there must be a certain regularity and rhythm. After doing this, 70% of the body’s fat can be driven to participate in exercise burning, but the actual consumption is actually limited. If you can do 100 a day, it is equivalent to running five kilometers or more. Therefore, the effect of weight loss is very obvious. Basically, you can do 80 poppy jumps a day, which is very good, but you still need to cooperate with everyone's eating habits and work and rest, and the movements must be relatively standard.