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Suitable for aerobic exercise at home

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With fast-paced life and high work pressure, more and more people lose their "freedom" and spend less and less time. It is more difficult to go out to exercise, and the physical condition can be imagined. In fact, sports do not necessarily have to go out. Many sports can be done at home. Today, the editor will introduce some aerobic exercises suitable for doing at home.

What is aerobic exercise

This mainly depends on the intensity of the exercise. If the exercise intensity is low and the oxygen supply is sufficient, the energy in the body can fully supply the exercise needs, which is aerobic exercise.

The benefits of doing aerobic exercise

Freehand training

Opening and closing jumps, lunges, and abdomen jumps are all simple aerobic exercises, but you can do 20 per group, 3-5 groups are enough, which can improve your own aerobic capacity.

Climb the stairs

Stairs are a good fitness exercise. You can give up the elevator and choose the stairs when you go to work and go home. The difficulty will be relatively large, but you can take it slowly. It is a very effective aerobic training.

rope skipping

Compared with expensive equipment, skipping a rope costs more than tens of dollars for a repetitive action for more than 20-30 minutes, otherwise the goal of aerobics will not be achieved.

Help lose weight

If you want to lose weight, aerobic exercise is essential. Aerobic exercise can increase the body's oxygen uptake, help consume more fat, and achieve weight-loss effects.

Promote body metabolism

The human body’s oxygen uptake increases. Oxygen can increase the body’s metabolism, convert food into nutrients, increase the body’s metabolism, and strengthen the body’s immune cells.

anti aging

Aerobic exercise can enhance the function of the brain and heart during exercise, the anti-aging factors in the body are activated, and the speed of aging can be delayed.

Improve physical fitness

Exercise can improve the body's endurance, flexibility, strength, etc., and aerobic exercise has the effect of refreshing the brain.

Improve mood

Exercise can increase the body's excitability factors, improve bad mood, and improve the state of the body.

Suitable for aerobic exercise at home


If you have the conditions, you can buy some simple equipment at home, such as treadmills, bicycle platforms, etc., these are relatively good aerobic exercise methods.

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