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New York Central Park

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Guide 1. The stroll starts from the West 72nd Street subway station, crosses Central Park West Road and West Trail, and follows the trail to the Strawberry Field. 2. Head north, walk along any trail on the West Trail (preferably the trail by the lake), then turn right to the side of 79th Street. 3. Continue to go east, pass the intersection of No. 79 Street and East Trail, and then take the southern path to Wenchi. 4. Go west along the trail and cross the East Path, and then enter the Lobu Lake Boat Yard. 5. Go south from the brick tunnel at the fountain, pass the horizontal side of No. 72 Street below, and enter the boulevard. 6. From the end of the boulevard, walk to the west side of the east trail.

7. Walk forward to Chi's South Station, then turn left to Dajun Plaza, and the stroll is over. It takes about two hours. The Visitor Information Diary (Visitor Information Diary) is located at 65th St. between the Children’s Zoo and the round rest. Since the building itself is in Victorian style, it is easy to find. Here you can buy a map of Central Park ($2), and you can also ask for a calendar of seasonal events (CentralParkCalendar). Central Park Zoo (TheWildlifeConservationCanter-CentralParkZoo) is located at 65thSt Children’s Zoo and FastDrive. Although there are not many types of animals from 10:30 to 17:30 (from November to March from 10:00 to 16:), there is a marine specimen exhibition on weekends, where you can see animals such as penguins, monkeys, and white bears. Opening hours: Monday-Friday 10:00-16:30; Saturday/Day/Holiday 30) Tickets: Adult $2.50 Senior (65 years old and over) $1.25 Child (3-12 years old) 50cent Tel: 1-212-861- 6030 WoumanMemorial Rink (WoumanMemorialRink) walks south from the visitor guide, and in the middle of 62nd St. is the ice rink. Here, roller skating and golf are available before October, and real ice skating is possible in winter. Conservatory Garden (Conservatory Garden) is located at the intersection of 5th Ave. and 105th St. The garden with fountains is a famous place for outdoor weddings in summer. There are various plants such as cloves, sycamore, geranium, etc., and there is free sightseeing in the garden every Sunday. Opening time: 08:00No call on the day: 1-212-360-2766 Trolly Tour (TrollyTour) refers to taking a rail car to visit the vast Central Park in 90 minutes.

Tickets can be bought at GrandArmyPlaza at the intersection of 5thAve and 60thSt. It would be better if you can book in advance. Departure time: 3 times a day (10:30, 13:00, 15:00); Saturdays/days do not run Tickets: Adults $15, students / seniors $13, children $7.50 Tel: 1-212-397-3809 Address: From 50th St. to 110th St. From 5th Ave. to 8th Ave. New York, NY, fly over Manhattan Island by plane. The Centeral Park below is like a billiard table in a messy room. Get your attention: it is a quiet rectangular green shade, placed in the embrace of the city's crisscross network of Qudao. The area of ​​[!--empirenews.page--]the park is amazing-there are 843 acres of land. It was originally a wild place, but now it is a large rural hunting sanctuary, with dense woods, lakes and lawns, and even farms and pastures with sheep grazing. The creation of such a park in such a bustling and prosperous metropolis has won worldwide praise. Moreover, in this crowded area, roads have been built under the park so that vehicles passing through the park will not disturb the tranquility of the visitors. Whether it is winter or summer, the southern part of the park is a place suitable for family fun. Here, take a few minutes to cross the Columbia Circus or Army Plaza, and you can fly a kite or throw a flying saucer, skate, bask in the sun, or watch the zoo’s animals. You can also have a picnic on the large lawn, which is parallel to the Metropolitan Museum of Art; in the front is the reservoir, where people are often jogging for fitness. The north is more deserted. There are three formal gardens donated by the Van der Butte family and some ponds. New York, USA