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Hoover Dam

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ravel agencies: The service desks of major casinos and hotels on STRIP also provide half-day tours and day tours of the Hoover Dam. Price: about $50-$200, depending on the choice of round-trip transportation, there are buses / SUV / horse / small aircraft to choose from. Itinerary: about 4-6 hours.

Introduction The Hoover Dam is located in the northwest of Arizona. It is about 40 kilometers southeast from Las Vegas. When the dam was completed in 1936, Republican leader Hoover was on the stage, and the dam was named after him. It is an arch-type gravity man-made concrete dam with a height of 220 meters, a bottom width of 200 meters, a top width of 14 meters, and a dike length of 377 meters. Such a huge dam is rare in the world. It is like a giant dragon lying on the ground, which is very mighty. After the dam is completed, it will play a huge role in the development of industry and agriculture. The reservoir of the Hoover Dam is the famous Lake Mead. Lake Mead is the largest man-made lake in the Western Hemisphere with vast expanse of blue waves. It not only has beautiful scenery, but also can irrigate crops and use hydroelectric power, which plays an important role in the development of production.

The power of the Hoover Dam is 1,345 megawatts, which can supply most of the southwestern part of the Pacific coast, which shows the great contribution of the Hoover Dam.  Note: In order to better visit, it is recommended to arrive before 0 pm. Visitors cannot reach the top of the dam when it is dark. The Hoover Dam is in a dry desert area. It is very hot in summer. It is recommended to wear light clothes, a hat and sunglasses. Be sure to bring enough drinking water. Transportation by car: For tourists living in the north of STRIP or downtown: At the south end of the North Las Vegas Strip (close to the South Las Vegas Strip), turn to Highway 515 and go straight to the southeast, then connect to 93 If you continue to use the highway, you will reach the Hoover Dam. For tourists staying in the center and south of STRIP: Go south (north) on STRIP and find FLAMINGO RD or TROPICANA-E, turn east, and turn east when you see the highway sign No. Take Highway 515 to the southeast, and then the same route as above. Driving time: nearly half an hour Opening time: 9:00AM—6:00PM Gate ticket/opening time Tourists are only allowed to tour on the water (tickets are USD 10 for adults and USD 4 for children) Opening hours: Parking lot: 8:00 am - 5:00 pm Visitor Center: 9:00 am - 5:00 pm Except for Thanksgiving and Open all year round at Christmas. Parking fee: 7 USD, cash must be paid Las Vegas, USA

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