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E.T. Adventure Tour E.T.Adventure visitors can take a bicycle to the planet where E.T. is located. On the way, they will encounter aliens lurking in the forest or in the dark. E.T. will finally call out each visitor's name. Devil Terminator 2 3-D Termiator2 3-D Devil Terminator stretches out to defend humanity, a large number of robot soldiers will run out of the screen, as if they are on the scene. Mummy Returns uses the weapons and vehicles that appear in the movie "Legend of Ghosts and Ghosts" to create more than 40 special effects, allowing you to experience the horror scenes in the movie. Round the World Tour Studio Tour takes a tram to visit the filming sites of "E.T.", "Apollo 13", "Cry", "Jurassic Park" and other movies to learn about the film production process. Back to the future

Back To Futrue The Ride Dr. Brown, in order to prevent Ma Di from ending the universe, invented a super time tunnel, chasing Ma Di, the process is extremely thrilling. Backdraft experience the scene of "Naked Love", visitors can experience the scene of the fire, the flames will splash on the body, and the buildings will collapse. Introduction Universal Studios Hollywood is the most attractive place in Hollywood, where you can watch the production process of the movie and review classic movie clips. There are three tourist areas in the cinema, which are the movie car tour (a 40-minute movie tour with a dedicated commentator), the cinema center and the entertainment center. In the center of the studio, you can experience the filming process firsthand at the filming site. The entertainment

center mainly includes ancient times, back to the future, animal star performances, etc. There is also a 50s-style shopping area next to the entrance and exit of the movie city-Universe City, where you can go shopping. (On June 1, 2008, a fire broke out in Universal Studios. During the fire, multiple location studios that simulated New York street scenes and the filming spots of the movie "King Kong" were burned down in the fire, causing major property losses.) Meals, accommodations, shopping Doc Brown’s fancy Fried Chiken is named after Dr. Brown’s name in the movie "Back to the Future". Fried chicken is the most popular in the store. The fried chicken dinner costs about $9. Wolfgang Cafe Wolf Gang Pack Cafe is a popular California restaurant. Vegetable pizza without cheese and grilled salmon without greasy are very healthy. Los Angeles, USA