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Attractions Universal Studios was a Hollywood film studio in the last century, and now it has become a world-wide movie theme park. The tour of the studios will take you to experience real movie shooting scenes such as air crashes, floods, explosions, water world, and movie themes. Roller coasters will take you into a wonderful virtual world and enjoy the thrills. Featured experience 1. The tour of the movie theater explores one of the biggest movie street scenes in Hollywood history, and has a glimpse of the secrets behind the film production. The journey of the legendary movie theater is full of fresh excitement. Sit comfortably in a tram with a built-in high-definition display and immerse yourself in a rich outdoor experience. Along the way, you will encounter various accidents such as major earthquakes, floods, rear-end great white sharks, and confrontation with King Kong. You can enjoy the special effects in the blockbuster up close Scenes. It takes about 45 minutes and is available in Chinese. 2. The Wizarding World of Harry Potter Embrace the magical world of Harry Potter and start a magical journey, explore the mysterious Hogwarts Castle, and feel this full of magic and magic in the Harry Potter forbidden journey and the flight of the eagle and horse. The adventurous world. 3. Water World Watch the exquisitely produced live water stunts and blasting performances in the world, creating a tense picture no less than a movie, and the hot action scenes will include you, giving people an immersive sense of danger. The duration is 20 minutes.

4. Transformers 3D virtual roller coaster Transformers 3D virtual roller coaster combines the real image of three-dimensional high-definition media, vivid flight simulation technology and the world's advanced special effects to enhance the human sensory experience. You will be in a desperate battle between Megatron, Optimus Prime, Bumblebee and Autobot EDAC, and you can also face the super-sized Big Mac Transformers. 5. The Mummy's Revenge Roller Coaster If you want to be in your favorite movie and experience those exciting movie scenes and bridges first-hand, come and challenge one of the world's horrible indoor roller coasters: The Mummy's Revenge Roller Coaster, let you in Screaming all the way in the dark, taking a creepy journey. 6. Minion 3D virtual roller coaster. With the popularity of the movie "Despicable Me", Minion is now a big star in Universal Studios. Quickly follow Minion, Gru and his daughters, and experience it together. A wonderful journey full of emotion and laughter, where you will participate in his new adventure plan with the little yellow guy. 7. Recommended for restaurant shopping: City Boulevard in Universal Studios Hollywood, with many restaurants and shops, can be described as the epitome of Hollywood. You can have a meal at Hollywood restaurants, Jurassic Cafés, or go to Universal Studios stores and Central shopping malls. , Transformers theme store, etc. to buy collector edition posters, movie props and a dazzling array of souvenirs. Opening hours The business status changes frequently, and it is recommended to consult the scenic spot in advance. Original business hours: 9:00-19:00; business hours may be closed earlier or later due to special events in the park. Please refer to the official website of the scenic spot as the standard. Preferential treatment policy Infants: free of charge under 3 years old (not included) Children: Age: 3 years old (inclusive) ~ 9 years old (inclusive), child ticket Supplementary note: The above information is for reference only. For specific information, please refer to the disclosure on the day of the scenic spot. Service Facilities Luggage storage: Universal Studios Hollywood can provide storage services. You can store your extra items in the convenient lockers in the park, which is safe and fast. The locker charge supports cash and credit cards.


The specifications of the lockers are as follows: Lockers that charge $8: Height – 12¾” Width – 11” Length – 16½” Lockers that charge $12: Height – 16″ Width – 8″ Length – 16″ Charge 15 Dollar lockers: high-21½" wide-11" long-16" lockers are the price of one day and can be deposited/withdrawn unlimited times. The number of lockers is limited, first come first served. Scenic explanation: There are many Mandarin tour buses departing regularly every day. Mandarin guides will take you to explore the locations of Universal Studios Hollywood and visit famous scenes that have appeared in classic movies. Feature highlights: • "Encountered" the terrible air crash during the World War • Visit Wisteria Lane, the filming location of the ABC's hit TV series "Desperate Housewives" • Visit the legendary Bates Motel in "Mentally Ill" Norman Bates meets • Have the courage to explore the traces of the "Great White Shark" in the deep water. Reference time for sightseeing in Mandarin: Working days: 10:30AM 12AM 2PM Non-working days: 10:30AM 12AM 1:30PM 2PM Please disclose on the official website Prevail. Scenic spot map: Click https://pages.ctrip.com/tour/pdf1804/30.pdf to get the official electronic version of the Chinese map of Universal Studios Hollywood for free to make the tour more smooth Stroller rental: Wheelchair and stroller rental services are available in the Universal Studios Hollywood campus. Cost: Single baby stroller rental 15.00 USD/car/day; double stroller rental 25.00 USD/car/day Wheelchair rental: Wheelchair rental services are provided in the Universal Studios Hollywood campus. Wheelchairs and ECV rental services are available in the park, just across from the Universal Studios store. The rent is as follows: Wheelchair – 15 USD Electric Moped – 60 USD A deposit of 25 USD is required to rent a wheelchair, this deposit is refundable. Smoking area: For the comfort and safety of all visitors and staff in the park, smoking can only be done in designated smoking areas. E-cigarettes and vaporizers are also considered tobacco products. Please ask the staff in the park to find out where to smoke. Smoking marijuana is prohibited. Disabled access: Universal Studios Hollywood is able to provide complete and convenient access for all persons with disabilities. Many rides, shows, tourist attractions, escalators, and parking structures are designed to provide convenience for visitors in wheelchairs or other disabled visitors. All attractions in the park have designated entrances for the disabled. ATM: Fast and convenient ATMs are located: Outside the theme park: the front door (on the right side of the ticket office), the entire Universal City Avenue theme park: next to the Simpson Virtual Roller Coaster™ Express Store, near the Jurassic Bay Cafe in the lower campus Must-see tips 1. You can buy tickets online in advance, print them out and enter the park directly, or keep the confirmation information on your mobile phone and scan the code for the staff to enter the park. 2. There are many tourists in the afternoon, and you need to line up for admission and each play item. If you want to play more items, you can arrive as early as possible in the morning, or buy a double-day ticket or priority admission ticket. 3. The hourly rate of parking is very expensive, you can directly choose to charge about 20 dollars per day, or just 5 dollars with the voucher for watching movies. 4. To enter the studio, you need to pass the security check, collect your fingerprints, and remember to take the Chinese and English map and performance timetable at the entrance. 5. You can only smoke in designated smoking areas in the park. Please ask the park staff for specific locations. 6. Wheelchair and stroller rental services are available in the park, ranging from US$15-50. 7. Apart from English, the tour of the cinema also provides services in Chinese and Spanish. You can check the specific schedule. 8. Only the following types of food are allowed to enter: water bottles (single, unopened when entering the park), baby food, fruits and vegetables. Approved by the park when entering the park, a single serving of specific food (for health or diet reasons) is allowed. Universal Studios Hollywood has VIPexperience, • Enjoy exclusive behind-the-scenes experience of filmmaking with a guide; explore filming locations and settings that are not open to the general public; visit world-renowned multi-storey movie prop warehouses, studios and other studio facilities ;Universal Studios unlimited fast-pass ticket, unlimited enjoyment of all the rides and the privilege of fast admission to a performance; enjoy a luxurious lunch in the VIP[!--empirenews.page--]