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How To Relieve Tinnitus

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What is tinnitus and how to relieve the condition of tinnitus

1. What is tinnitus

The causes of tinnitus can generally be divided into two types: organic and psychogenic. Organic refers to hearing damage due to physiological factors, such as damage to the ear structure; while psychogenic tinnitus is when the physiological structure is normal , Produced because of psychological factors. Tinnitus often interferes with hearing and reduces hearing sensitivity. It is often possible to hear the sound, but cannot tell what the source of the sound is. Severe tinnitus can make people upset, worried, and depressed. Under the effect of psychological pressure, people will become more sensitive to tinnitus, forming a vicious circle, which affects interpersonal communication. If they do not get outside understanding and help, they will easily become impatient and lose their temper.

2. How to relieve the condition of tinnitus

1. Compress the tympanic membrane: block both ears with both palms at the same time, quickly remove it after squeezing, and do it several times. This can promote blood circulation in the ears and help relieve tinnitus and brain fatigue.

2. Ear massage method: gently massage and rub the auricle and earlobe, or press the ear with two palms, place the thumb behind the head, tap the back of the head with four fingers, which can stimulate the nerve endings and promote blood, lymphatic circulation and tissues Metabolism, has a certain effect on alleviating tinnitus.

3. Open and close the mouth vigorously: open your mouth vigorously, exhale out, then take a strong breath and then close your mouth, open and close for many times, to keep the eustachian tube unobstructed and pressure inside and outside the ear Maintaining balance has a good effect on reducing tinnitus.

4. Breath-holding method: Shut your mouth and use your thumb and index finger to pinch the nostrils and blow hard, so that air enters the ear canal until you feel the rumbling of both ears, which can increase the pressure on the blood vessels inside and outside the middle ear, which is good for alleviating tinnitus .

5. Hot compress method: Use a warm towel to stick to the ears, or rub your hands until the palms are hot, put the palms on the ears, use the temperature to expand the blood vessels, increase the local blood supply in the ears, and slow down The condition of tinnitus.