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Cheese Thick Egg Burnt Sandwich

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Ingredients list:

  2 slices of Thick toast

Accessories:   Light butter   (10g+10g)       Light butter   (10g+10g)       Egg   ( 2 pcs)

                      milk   (2 tablespoons)       Bacon   (2 tablets)       Parsley ( a little)

seasoning:    mayonnaise ( Right  amount)       Salt (Right amount )

How to make a thick egg Burnt Sandwich with Cheese

1.All materials are ready.

Cut the toast about 5-6 cm, and then cut it in the middle. Be careful not to cut the bottom. (Either make the thick toast yourself, or buy it from the bakery, and come back and cut the whole piece by yourself).

3. Put 10g Anjia Light Butter in a pan and melt slowly over low heat.

4. Add thick toast and fry on low heat until golden on both sides. The toast that is fried in butter smells fragrant, the shell is crispy and the inside is soft.

5. Beat the eggs with a little salt and milk.

6. Put 10g Anjia mild butter in a pan to melt on low heat, slowly pour in the egg liquid, slowly stir and fry in circles when the edges are solidified, turn off the heat when the egg liquid is still somewhat fluid, use the remaining temperature of the pot to make The egg liquid is solidified.

7. Without washing the pan, fry the bacon over a low heat.

8. Final assembly: Put mayonnaise on the thick toast, a piece of lettuce, two slices of Anjia cheese, fill the middle with thick egg bake, and put bacon on the other side. The cheese slices will melt quickly with the help of the temperature of the ingredients next to them. In a semi-liquid state, the taste is better! And it has a higher content of natural cheese and is more nutritious.

9. After assembling, squeeze mayonnaise on the top, sprinkle a little chopped parsley and you are done!

Tips :

1. Adding milk to the egg mixture and using a low fire are the secrets for the tenderness of the egg mixture. Personally, I don't recommend to fry the scrambled eggs until they are very broken and slightly larger. Well, you will know it when you eat it.

2. Add mayonnaise, mustard sauce, and ketchup according to personal taste.


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