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Ingredients list:

Ingredients :  Sirloin steak  (2 pieces)

Accessories :   small potato ( 8 or so)       asparagus (About 10)       Cherry tomato ( 5 or so)

                       Fig (2-3)       Rosemary ( 4-6 pieces)

seasoning Black pepper( Right amount )       Salt (Right amount)       olive oil ( Right amount)

sugar (Right amount)       Cinnamon powder (Right amount)       Dry baking powder (Right amount)

Steak method:

1. Note that if you want the steak to be tender and juicy, you must pay attention to this step. If it is not a fresh-cut steak but a frozen steak, it must be taken out of the freezer one day in advance and placed in the refrigerator to slowly thaw, and the steak should be taken out of the refrigerator before cooking. Be sure not to rinse off the water. Just pat the excess moisture on both sides of the steak dry with a kitchen paper towel. Brush a little olive oil evenly on both sides of the steak to seal off the moisture. Sprinkle a little salt and black pepper. Add rosemary or thyme. Stand still for a while.

2. Wash the potatoes and leave their skins. Brush the surface with olive oil and put them in the oven for about 30 minutes.

3. Wash the small red tomatoes and brush them with olive oil, add basil and chop them into the oven, and heat up and down at 150-160 degrees for 15-20 minutes.

4. Wash the figs, pat dry, and cut them into half or quarter of the size. Sprinkle an appropriate amount of sugar and cinnamon on the surface of the flesh. Put it in the oven and heat it up and down at 150-160 degrees for about 15 minutes.

5. Pour a little olive oil in the pan, fry the asparagus with the roots cut off until slightly browned, sprinkle with salt and black pepper, and transfer to a plate for later use.

6. For the steak pot, wipe the bottom of the pot with a kitchen paper towel dipped in a little olive oil to achieve a moisturizing effect. (Don't pour a lot of oil, this kind of steak is not a super thick cut steak with hot oil slowly)! After the steak pan is completely heated and smokes at medium-high heat (it must be smoked, so that the temperature is high enough to make the surface of the meat heat up and produce a perfect Maillard reaction), throw the rosemary into the pan and change the heat to medium-low heat, and put the sirloin Standing up, fry in a pan first. The fat side is fried until the fat layer is browned and the butter fragrant. You can see obvious butter flowing out of the meat at the bottom of the pan. 

Change the side of the other side for frying, and then change the ends after it is slightly browned.

8. After the side sealing of the whole circle of steak is completed, the cross-section of both sides of the steak can be cooked.

9. Generally, there are no infrared thermometers or needle-type thermometers at home. Generally, the estimated time is about 20-30 seconds to fry, which is a minute of maturity. I usually fry for a little longer when I turn it over for the first time. Then I turn it over until the perfect Maillard effect is produced. (The surface of the steak on the right has already produced the perfect Maillard effect). Take turns on both sides twice in about 2 minutes and it is almost 5 mature. You can increase or decrease the length of the steak according to your favorite steak maturity.

10 After the steak is fried, if the rosemary or thyme is not completely fried, you can put it on the plate with the steak. If it is burnt, just throw it away. We already have the aroma of spices.

Kitchenware used:   pan