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Improve Work Efficiency At Work

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How to improve Work efficiency at work

一、Brain attention

1. Concentrated attention: refers to the ability of a person to directly respond to the stimulus of something. For example, when the supervisor is named in a meeting, he can give an immediate response when he hears it. .

2. Selective attention: refers to whether a person can focus on a single activity without being interfered by other external reasons. That is, when you are dealing with a certain project, the colleagues in front of you heard their work discussing and talking, but you can still keep looking at your computer without looking up and moving your eyes. operation.

3. Sustained attention: refers to whether a person can maintain a period of attention in continuous activities, such as when people on stage are presenting in a meeting, and they can still listen intently without doing other things.

4. Alternate attention: refers to whether a person can smoothly transition from one activity to another. For example, you are writing a business proposal, but the desk phone of a colleague next to you rang, but he is not in the position. You can stop your work, pick up the phone, and then write down the message on the phone before returning Continue where I just stopped.

5. Distributed attention: refers to whether a person can do two or more things at the same time. The person who serves as the meeting recorder needs to have this kind of attention, because he needs to listen to what the reporter said and make notes at the same time.

二、How to improve work efficiency at work

1. Work in segments: Adults' continuous attention can usually be maintained for 7-10 minutes. After exceeding, only 50% of the initial amount is left, and then gradually decreases with time. Therefore, it is recommended to divide the work into segments. 15 minutes is a paragraph. After you finish, you can give yourself some rest and relaxation time, and then continue to the next 15 minutes.

2. Complete the important tasks first and then deal with the trivial matters: Don't let the trivial miscellaneous be an interference for us to complete the important work. When the mood is bad, our attention will be affected.

3. Keep the desk tidy: Don't let things not related to work on the desk, so that our attention will be diverted.

4. Find your own habit: See if you are suitable for quietness or need the help of music, which kind of space can allow you to work efficiently and maintain a good mood at work.

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