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Why can't you eat salt for fitness

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We all know that too much salt will lead to edema. In many cases, the salt in the body still needs water to be metabolized, and it is necessary to reduce salt intake when exercising. Because salt plays an important role in water balance and cell osmotic pressure, too much salt in the body will cause water retention in the muscles, which will have a certain impact on the clarity of muscle fibers observed on the skin surface, so we want to achieve better The best Fitness effect is to eat less salt.

Salt is difficult to digest in the body. After the body meets the basic human needs, the salt that cannot be metabolized still needs excess water for digestion, which will cause a problem, edema. Too much or too little salt is harmful to the human body. If you take too much salt for a long time, it is easier to induce high blood pressure, heart disease, and even edema.

Why eat less salt for fitness

Salt enters the body, causing the body's water to begin to lose, all of which consumes the body's salt, and the volume in the blood vessels increases, which is not conducive to fitness exercise. The main component of salt is sodium. This ion can regulate the acid-base balance of the human body under the right amount. But if it is too much, people need to drink too much water to adjust the body's ion concentration, so that the person's blood volume will increase.

Many people know that the human body must be supplemented with salt, but sometimes there are many things that need to be paid attention to, that is, the problem of salt intake. The total amount of salt in an adult's body is about 1 g/kg body weight, and 50% of the salt plays a decisive role in cell osmotic pressure, water balance, and acid-base balance. The salt content of most weight loss meals is far from enough for the normal functioning of the human body in a day, especially on the basis of a certain amount of exercise. Due to normal fitness training, the body will sweat and lose a lot of salt, especially the supplement of salt!