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What should I eat and drink after exercise?

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The question of what to eat and drink after exercise has always been a topic of discussion, but there are always divergent opinions and their own reasons. In fact, research shows that after exercise, it is best to eat and drink these. Let's take a look.
1. What should I eat after exercise?

After exercise, people should choose foods that provide a lot of potassium, dietary fiber, calcium, and vitamin D. At the same time, they should consume less sodium, saturated and trans fatty acids, and avoid artificially adding too much sugar and salt. Potatoes almost meet all the above requirements at the same time. It can provide two of the main deficient nutrients determined by the American Dietary Guidelines Advisory Committee-potassium and fiber. Among the food sources of potassium, potatoes are the first recommended by the guide. Food sources rich in potassium also include cantaloupe, bananas and yogurt. Studies have shown that potassium can inactivate the side effects of sodium in the human body, thereby lowering blood pressure. In addition, the rich potassium ions in the body can also reduce the risk of kidney stones and osteoporosis.

During exercise, the body mainly relies on carbohydrates to participate in energy supply and provide energy for muscles. Unlike protein and fat, the carbohydrate reserves in the body are very limited. After exercising and sweating, there is an urgent need to replenish carbohydrates. Among the low-fat high-quality carbohydrates, potato is the best. It not only provides the necessary nutrients for the human body, but also avoids excessive energy intake and storage. So potato Known as "weight loss vegetables".

2. What should I drink after exercise?

Some people may have some questions: Don’t they all say that the best drink during exercise is water? Yes, drinking water is a good choice, but there is a better choice, and that is chocolate milk. Studies have shown that chocolate milk is the best drink after exercise and can quickly help the body recover. However, the specific mechanism of "drinking chocolate milk after exercise to accelerate body recovery" needs further research and exploration, but the natural protein and carbohydrates in the drink undoubtedly play an important role.