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Basic shooting teaching

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First introduce a few key points of shooting
1. the toes face the basket, the center of gravity is between the feet
2. keep your feet open, basically the same style as your shoulders
3. bend your knees so that you can shoot
4. the elbow is not directly facing the front, because that will block the line of sight, the elbow should be abducted moderately
As shown below

5. Three 90 degrees, the elbows, shoulders and hands are 90 degrees, as shown below

6.  The fingers and the edge of the palm touch the ball, and the palm does not touch the ball.

7.  the auxiliary hand does not exert force, mainly holding the basketball. Note that the thumbs of the two hands are in the shape of T.

8.When shooting, both arms are in an inverted V shape, as shown in the picture.

9. In the final follow-up action of the shooter, the index finger points to the basket, as shown in the figure.

The following introduces the method of shooting shooting. Here, the basic principle of shooting training is to practice from near to far. Some people are difficult to shoot three-pointers, so they can practice three-pointers directly. This kind of training effect will be very poor. Start from your shooting comfort zone and gradually increase the distance, so that you can gradually adapt to the long distance instead of directly pulling to the three-point line.

1. Practice one-handed shooting from near to far. He was at the basket most recently and one meter away from the three-point line. When you hit 70% in a spot, you can increase the distance by half a meter until you reach one meter beyond the three-point line. There are five straight line directions, right bottom line direction, right 45 degree direction, arc top direction, left 45 degree direction, left bottom line. You can practice the arc top first, then practice 45 degrees, and then practice the bottom line. There is no trick, only more practice.

2.  Standard shooting near and far practice. He was at the basket most recently and one meter away from the three-point line. The training method is the same as the previous training.

The main training methods are enough to practice these two. Others such as lying down shooting, kneeling shooting and sitting shooting are not allowed for most people, so I won't introduce them.