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Benefits of playing volleyball

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Benefits of playing volleyball

1. The benefits of playing volleyball are weight loss and body shaping

Volleyball is a whole body slimming exercise. When jumping, spiking, or moving fast, fat will be broken down and burned faster, thereby effectively reducing fat on all parts of the body. According to statistics, one hour of playing volleyball can consume 320 calories.

2. The benefits of playing volleyball are to build muscle strength

Volleyball can stimulate the coordinated development of muscles throughout the body. Bounce action when hitting the ball can not only exercise the leg muscles, but also exercise the hip muscles well. It can not only enhance muscle coordination, but also enhance muscle endurance.

3. The benefits of playing volleyball are to enhance cardiopulmonary function

When playing volleyball, the blood circulation of the body accelerates and the oxygen demand increases. Playing volleyball can exercise cardiopulmonary function and increase lung capacity. In addition, people with arrhythmia playing volleyball can also strengthen heart function.

4. The benefits of playing volleyball are regulating the nervous system

Playing volleyball can make the nervous system more flexible. For example, lack of concentration, mental weakness, etc. can also receive unexpected adjustment effects. Playing ball can not only exercise the body but also improve people's mental quality. In the game, a good mental quality will be flexible and reflect agility.

5. The benefits of playing volleyball to regulate emotions

Although volleyball is softer than basketball, some of the moves are particularly enjoyable. Before serving, the players slapped the volleyball on the ground with a "bang". This is the same as practicing iron palm. When the palm is slapped, the nerve endings of the fingers and palm will quickly sense the intense stimulation to the brain. The brain immediately becomes excited, releases hormones, and releases the soreness of the spine, arms, and wrists, continuously After 20 hits, the moderate pressure (tightness of the scalp) is released.

6. The benefits of playing volleyball are regulating spleen and kidney function

Frequent running and jumping help the hematopoiesis of the spleen; playing volleyball is not particularly intense. It can not only exercise the body, but also avoid excessive exercise. Appropriate aerobic exercise can help supplement the kidney yang and maintain vitality.

What are the skills of playing volleyball

1. Half squat preparation position: Stand up with your feet slightly wider than shoulder width, one foot in front, two toes slightly inward, and both knees bend into a half squat. Lift your heels slightly, lean forward slightly, relax your arms, bend naturally, and place your hands in front of your abdomen. Relax your body properly, keep your eyes on the ball, and keep your feet moving slightly.

2. Squat preparation posture: Squat preparation posture is slightly forward than half squat preparation posture, and the degree of bending of the knees is less than half squat preparation posture. The method of action is basically the same as that of the half-squat preparation posture.

3. Low squat preparation position: The distance between the left and right feet, front and back, is wider than the half squat preparation position, the knees are bent more, the body's center of gravity is lower, and the vertical line of the knees exceeds the toes , Put your arms between the chest and abdomen.

What are the precautions for playing volleyball

1. The rules must be clear. The rules of volleyball must be clear. When do you play and where you stand, be careful not to stand in the wrong place. The position is clockwise.

2. Pay attention to the amount and intensity of exercise. Self-feeling is an important indicator. If you feel that you have a quick pulse, mild shortness of breath, a slight warmth in your body, a reddish complexion, and small sweats, this indicates that you should exercise moderately; if you have obvious palpitation, shortness of breath, fever of the heart, dizziness, sweating, and fatigue Unbearable, indicating excessive exercise. Of course, if you always keep your face without changing your color and your heart is not beating, it will not be possible to achieve the purpose of exercise, and you need to add more.

3. Shoes wear sports shoes. In the process of playing, it mainly involves the process of running. You have to look at the position of the ball and then throw it over, so sports shoes are also necessary.[!--empirenews.page--]

4. Warm up exercises. First ran a few laps around the volleyball court, changing patterns, cross-walking, and fast S-turns. After running, start to move the wrists, ankles, knee joints, ankle joints and hip joints. Do this several times. Next, it’s time to move the knee joints. Put your hands on your knees and make small circles back and forth. Then relax the ankle joints, rotate the left and right ankle joints, and go back and forth several times.