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What are the ways the human body breathes

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What are the ways the human body breathes, and what are the benefits of abdominal breathing?

一、 What are the ways of human breathing?

It can be divided into chest breathing and abdominal breathing:

1. Chest breathing means that the chest cavity will rise up and down when inhaling, and most of the air enters the upper half of the lungs. This breathing method takes a shallower breath and can assist in rapid ventilation. It is most suitable for heavy exercises that require a lot of air. When going in and out in a short time.

2. Abdominal breathing. When inhaling, the abdomen bulges, but when exhaling, the abdomen is naturally concave. This breathing method will focus on the movement of the diaphragm, allowing air to enter deeper into the lungs and let the lungs There is enough oxygen in the department. But there are about 8 people who have not practiced
Successful people use chest breathing.

二、 What are the benefits of abdominal breathing?

1. A decompression recipe to improve insomnia

Modern people often suffer from excessive stress, which leads to the inability to relax their muscles, which leads to insomnia. If you do abdominal breathing for a few minutes before going to bed, you can help improve the quality of sleep.

2. Maintain body function

Because abdominal breathing can effectively exchange gas, increase the oxygen content of the body, promote blood circulation and metabolism, and achieve the effect of improving or maintaining the body. For example, because it accelerates the blood circulation of the digestive tract, it promotes digestion and absorption. To achieve the effect of preventing constipation.

3. Increase lung capacity

Abdominal breathing will increase the volume of air inhaled in the body, so it will help increase lung capacity. When the lung capacity increases, the effect of the exercise will also increase. For example, it will be less easy to breathe when running, so you can lengthen the exercise time and perform more intense exercises.

4. Divert attention

Because when using abdominal breathing, you will focus your attention between deep inhalation and deep exhalation, so that you can divert your attention from tension or pressure, which helps to reduce tension and anxiety.


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