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Chinese historical sites -- Gui lin - Longsheng Attractions

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Longsheng must-see Attractions - Longji Rice Terraces, Longsheng Hot Spring

1. Longji Rice Terraces AAAA Scenic Spot

The Longji Terraced Fields Scenic Area is located in Heping Township, Longsheng Autonomous County, Guilin City, Guangxi Zhuang Autonomous Region. It covers an area of 70.1 square kilometers and is 75 kilometers away from Guilin City. The 321 National Highway can reach the gate of the scenic spot, and the transportation is very convenient. Agricultural tourism demonstration site.

Longji terraced fields have a long history and splendid national culture. The terraced fields were built in the Yuan Dynasty, formed in the Ming Dynasty, and completed in the early Qing Dynasty, with a history of nearly 700 years. The scale of the terraced fields is majestic and imposing, and it integrates the essence of the world's terraced field shapes. The Longji Terraced Fields Scenic Area is a scenic area with terraced rice farming culture as the main body, combining natural landscapes with ethnic minority cultural landscapes. At present, it has developed and formed: Ping'an Zhuang Terraced Field Viewing Area; Jinkeng Hongyao Terraced Fields Viewing Area; Longji Ancient Zhuangzhai Terraced Fields Cultural Viewing Area.

Opening Hours: Open all day

Scenic Address: Longsheng, Guilin

2. Longsheng Hot Spring

The Longsheng Hot Spring Scenic Spot is mainly centered on hot springs. The scenic spots include Longsheng Hot Spring Scenic Spot, Longsheng Hot Spring Forest Park, Yanmen Gorge Rafting, Tianying Bridge Monkey View Scenic Spot, Red Army Rock Scenic Spot, and many ethnic and folk villages. Its main tourist units are Sanmen Hongyao Village, Ximen Hongyao Village, Baimian Hongyao Village, Yanmen Miao Village, Hongjun Rock (white-faced strange stone), Tianqiao Monkey Watch, Ailing Hot Spring, Hot Spring Forest Park, Yanmen Gorge. Rafting etc.

There are more than 20 spring pools in the entire Longsheng Hot Spring, all of which are open-air spring pools, including: Parent Fish Pool, High Temperature Reservoir, Qingyi Pool, Jingshi Pool, Youran Pool, Qingyuan, Qinglang, Qingxin Pool, and Jingyu Pool , Meditation Pool, Medicine Bath, Emerald Pool, Zhongxin Pool, Drumming Pool, Children's Playing Pool, Teana Pool, Swimming Pool.

Swim back in the steamy open-air bath, and watch the rising hot mist pass through the green trees above your head, turning into a mist of mountains all day long, listening to the murmur of flowing springs and the fragrance of flowers and birds. Blending, everyone will swim out of a comfortable, wash out a cavity of poetry. "Green hills and green waters are embedded in the blue sky, with pearls spit out jade and a divine spring", "Better than a jade pond than a flower, Yuntai fog locks a home", "People say that Hangzhou West Lake is more beautiful than Longsheng hot spring water", tourists have written poems and praised them. , Annotate the rare and beautiful literary talent of Longsheng, this paradise.

The scenic area is still a powerful "air conditioner". In the season of cold wind and cold rain, it is as warm as spring; the wind is scorching outside, and the heat is unbearable. This secluded valley is surprisingly cool and pleasant. Put on a small quilt, and there is no infestation of mosquitoes and gnats. The security, tranquility, poetry and charm will make you want to come again.

Opening hours: 8:00:0—23:00

Scenic Address: Longsheng, Guilin